Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now you see her, now you don't...

I took this video yesterday... and though I didn't laugh at the time, not I cannot watch it without laughing a little now:).

It helps to understand my lack of total and utter sympathy to know that she practically dusted herself off and kept on going:). No biggie, but solid film gold America's Funniest Home Video style.;)

So yesterday was not such a good day for half of our family... we were immunized. I have not had a shot since the year 1987, and I had to get three of them yesterday for school (to clarify, I have been going to school part time since 2003, taking classes just to keep my head in the game, waiting until my kids are older and in school so I can finish my nursing degree.) Anyway, back to my shots... I have not had them since 1987, and BOY let me tell you they sting! I am also not feeling so hot today with achy joints, a headache, a fever and my arms cannot extend over my head. No wonder they give them to kids when they are little, as my husband put it "They seem to bounce back better and complain less... well less than you do:)" Brynn had her two month shots yesterday and took them like a pro. She practically slept through them. She is doing well today. Maelan also had a couple of shots that were delayed as we were waiting for our insurance to kick back in. She took them just fine, but then about three in the morning she woke throwing up with her heart racing, a high fever, and she kept itching her tounge. I was so scared. After giving her Tylenol to try to bring her fever down, I tried to get ahold of my mom (who is has a bachelor in Nursing... you see I'm keeping the family trend:)) and I couldn't get a hold of her. So we called our Family Doctor and woke him up at 4 am. He told us just to keep an eye on her and that he was not convinced it was an allergic reaction considering those usually happen within the first 20 minutes, though he was a little worried about her itching and chewing her tounge. Anyway I gave her a little Benedryl to ease MY mind, and we settled in finally at around 5 in the morning... to say the least it was a long night. She is 100% today, so I figure that it was a fluke reaction to her fever. Hopefully I never have to see a reaction like that again with any more of my kiddos. Hope everyone else had a better night:).


  1. oh my goodness!! poor baby! wyatt has done that before! i hope she took it okay!

  2. She did. I totally didn't laugh when she did her flip out of the swing. I picked her up and kissed her and sent her on her way, but when I re-watched the video, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that I had caught it on tape.

  3. Omg! that was funny! You should definitely submit it to AFV! haha!

  4. How funny! I'm glad Maelan is okay, poor baby. I know how it feels to have an itchy tongue, not good!