Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My House

Today, in an effort to capture things about my life, I am going to show pictures of where we live. This is my (our:)) house in Belding Michigan... We bought it in 2004.
This is the bluejay that nested on our house this year... You can't see it, but her head is popping out of the top of the nest:).
The Garage up front and the Bunny Barn in back

Our Backyard

Our Downstairsand Our Upstairs (excuse the mess). The 'Big Girls' room is straight (in Pink), the 'Little Girls' room to the left (in Lavender), and the office door is to the right done in green. The door to the walk-out porch is in there.

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  1. beautiful home! don't worry about the mess, that's what happens when you have kids!