Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WHAT is new?

So, what's new in our life? To begin with, the girls were all baptised in accordance with the Roman Catholic tradition on November 14th. Ed and I were so happy. We are even happier that the party afterwards is over. I have really never thrown a party, so I didn't know what to expect. There were quite a few people, and it did get a little busy and confusing, but all in all I think I did a great job.
Here is a picture of the girls in their pretty white dresses:).
And if you look very closely in the next picture, you might be able to see the glimmer of Brynn's new tooth! That's right, my last baby got a tooth... and before you ask, yes she does use it on me when I nurse her, and no... it's not fun...

Just as Brynn's new tooth broke through, my other baby LOST a tooth! Abrya has now joined the 'BIG PEOPLE TEETH' club... or so they say:)
That is pretty much our life in a nutshell, stay tuned for Christmas, I know I'm ready;). Are you?