Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Brynn's Birthday!

Brynn NOW!
Brynn (2 hrs after birth)
Today, my bitty peanut turns one, and my how the time just flew. I know it has been a while since I have updated my blog, but I swear, an update is coming....

For now, it is Brynn's day:).

And in the tradition of what I posted on July 20th(ERIN), August 6th(MAELAN), and November 29th(ABRYA)... I present to you Brynn's Birth Story-

I knew from charting that the day I was due was not the 5th of March like my LMP date said, but in fact the 10th. This was the very first baby out of four that we had actually tried for. So when the 10th of March came with a full moon, I was certain that that would be the day. All day long I sat and waited for the contractions that I was sure were on their way. At about 11:30 PM I gave up hope. So I sat down to watch tv on my yoga ball. When my show ended at midnight on the 11th, I stood up to get a drink and my water broke. This was new to me as with all of my other children, my water broke right before they were born. I had heared that once your water breaks it is only a matter of time and contractions start, so I prepared myself for the onslaught.... that never came. I went to bed and woke up the next morning perfectly pregnant-but at least I knew in my head that 'this is the day.' All day long I had really strong contractions, but they were 30 minutes apart and not getting closer. We took our older three kids over to Ed's cousins house, and hoped that with the help of our midwife Laura we could get these contractions going... as something similar to this happened while I was having Maelan and with a little coaxing we had gotten full blown labor to progress. With this birth it wasn't happening. So, with regret, my midwife told me to get some sleep on this SECOND night after my water had broken. She said she expected that the contrax would pick up in the middle of the night and she would be back... and we would have a baby by morning! So I went to bed, but was woken up every 20 minutes with a pretty painful contraction. Morning broke... no baby... I was so bummed that I made Ed get me McDonalds breakfast (I never eat fast food). We went and got the older three girls, and was given full pity of our cousin that I was still pregnant. All day long I was just so defeated... and it was going on night 3 of walking around with my water broken. The baby wasn't moving much either. My midwife told me it was probably because she was tired from all of the stimulation she was getting by this LOOOONNNNGGG PETERING LABOR. Laura came out and checked on the baby, and she was fine. She checked me, and I was 5 cm. I had no fever, no infection... and waiting was the game. She did say that if I did not have the baby by Saturday morning, I should go into the hospital to be induced (NO NO NO NO!) So at her suggestion, I drank some dang castor oil, and Ed and I raked to WHOLE YARD (while my water was broken at 5 cm) as the snow had just melted for the year and we had not had a chance to do it before the snow came. After that, Ed and the girls were going to take a bike ride, but no sooner had I gotten into the house and a contraction came... and another, and another... and I knew they were the serious ones... so I hurried up and yelled to Ed and the girls not to leave, and that the baby WAS coming. We got the girls out to my parents, we got Laura over, and we got serious about having this baby. It was 5:20 when my contractions started and by 9:00 I was pushing. She came quick and fast and Laura knew something was wrong. With all of my other babies I was given them right away, but with Brynn, Laura hurried her away to a corner and started working furiously over her... giving her mouth to mouth and oxygen... trying to force air into her... trying to get her to breath. I had complete confidence in Laura... but I was scared. I got REALLY scared when she yelled at my husband to "CALL 911!" which he did... but thank god Laura got Brynnie breathing before the ambulance arrived. She did not breath almost a full 5 minutes after her birth. Thank God for Laura, my amazing midwife! The paramedics arrived and checked her over, and left. I finally got to hold her an hour after her birth, and of course she was perfect;). She was so weensie:) I remember her little bitty legs, and inchworm sized pinkies:). She nursed like a pro. Brynn is a special miracle... she is and always will be my littlest baby:). Born on Friday the 13th:).

Brynn Evelyn Rittersdorf

Born Friday March 13th at 9:18 PM

8lbs even, 19 3/4 inches