Saturday, October 31, 2009

Homebirth Soap~!

So recently I sent away for some new scents to make soap with. I picked out a scent called "Vanilla Lavender" because I am a big fan of both vanilla and lavender. When I opened my box full of scents, I happened to grab this one first and the moment I opened it I was brought instantly back to the day each of my children were born. Here is a little backstory...
For each birth, I purchased Lavender scented candles to burn during my labors. Each and every one of my daughters was born into a room filled with the scent of Lavender. I bought these candles from the same company every time so every birth had that same wonderful aroma in the air. This Fragrance Oil was the exact match to the scent used in these candles and it brought back so many wonderful memories of homebirth and newborns that I had to soap with it right away. I made a wonderful 'white-with-pink-swirls' batch of soap. I still don't have a name for it, but I whatever name I come up with I want it to pack a little meaning and feeling as this scent has so much meaning and feeling for me. Maybe 'Mother and Child' soap? I don't know for certain yet, but I do know that I now have soap to wash with that will bring me back to the days that I met each and ever one of my daughters.

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  1. That is so special! Let me know when you stock some in your Etsy =)