Thursday, August 27, 2009

Core Knowledge N' Fluffy Bunned Babies!

Where to begin, where to begin! So much has been going on!
Well, to begin with, we have decided to pull our two older daughters from public schools to homeschool. This is something we have tossed around since the two big girls were just lil' girls. Finally I conquered my fears and just went for it. We are going with a secular curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Of America books (which means that they will be following very closely with their public schooled peers). I am getting NO support from my family which is really hard, but I believe whole heartedly in this decision and know that this will be the best for my children... wish me luck!
SECONDLY, MAELAN IS A POTTY TRAINED GIRL! She even goes to bed with underware on and USUALLY keeps them dry all night (We have taken to getting her back up before we go to bed to make her go potty, which helps) It is so nice to have the majority of my children out of diapers, which leads me to...
MISSES FLUFFY BUNS! We decided to switch Brynn to cloth diapers!
Doesn't she look so CUTE?
This decision stems from the fact that we just want to be DONE with disposables! We did cloth for Erin, and decided to do disposable for Abrya and Maelan.... now we are going back to our 'roots' you could say:). I am so happy that we decided to do it this way... besides, cloth diapers are SO MUCH CUTER:)
And that has been us in a nutshell... stay tuned!


  1. Good for you Tara! I know you can do it, and do it well =).
    Congrats to Maelan! Now she just needs to have a talk with Jackson.
    Brynn is just the cutest thing ever in her pretty panties!!

  2. I hope I can do it well, thank you Stacey.