Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally a day to rest....

We have been running and running and running lately. We have had some of the busiest weekends I have ever had to endure. We do 4H with the girls, and since fair is coming up, we have been working so hard on our crafts, and rabbits, and fair booth and blah blah blah... on top of that, this weekend Erin came down with strep throat...
Did I mention that Maelan has taken to making my life EXTRA hard?;)
Two days ago, I was doing the dishes, and within ten minutes of starting the dishes, these are all of the phrases I had uttered...
"Maelan! Don't eat things out of the garbage!"
"Please don't poke the baby in the eye, be gentile"
"Spit that out of your mouth"
"Don't paint the bathroom mirror with my makeup"
"Put the plunger back!"
"Get DOWN!"
"Get out of the Parmesan Cheese!"
Sometimes she is so exhausting.... I love her so much, but my GOD it takes alot of patience to be the mother of a toddler...


  1. #1. I'm sorry Erin isn't well. I hope she heals soon.

    #2. That's the way I always talk to Jackson. I mean, you took the words out of my mouth!

    #3. Good luck with the 4H. What kind of crafts are you doing?

  2. LOL, everyday it is something new with her! She is busy from the time she gets up until the time she lays down. I thought when I had Brynn that she would be the one making things hard... I was wrong....
    The girls made a little tie-blanket, and a wildflower book (which I think is EXTRA cool, we went and found a bunch of naturally growing flowers and pressed them. We then made them into a kind of wildflower guidebook). I make my own soap and candles, so I had the girls make a batch of soap and candles to show. They are only cloverbuds so they are limited as to what they can show this year, but it is still alot of fun for them:).